Alutech Digitally Printed Designs prove a Big Hit

The Trend series of Alutech sectional garage door has been, without a doubt, our best-seller. But when we launched a digital print option for the Trend in June 2021, previously only available on the Prestige door, it gave this old favourite a new lease of life and boosted sales in the process, on track to double the initial sales forecast!

The specialised industrial digital printing technology allows the application of complex images onto the door leaf, making it possible to bring the homeowner’s most imaginative and personalised design ideas to life, as well as offering a wide selection of natural wood and stone effects.

As anticipated, of the four digital print options available, the natural wood prints have proven a sure-fire hit, offering a unique finish for those who appreciate the beauty and authenticity of nature.

Similarly, the natural stone prints that mimic the patterns found in real stone and marble have also been popular. We have also seen an increase in the popularity of the Panoramic series of sectional garage door, with its modern design of fully acrylic glazed panels.

Homeowners can also opt for an image of their choice printed on the door panel set or choose from the many themed prints Alutech offers, from categories such as nature, landscapes and vehicle themes.

Jason Wade, JD UK National Sales Manager, commented:

“We were excited to be finally able to offer the innovative digital print option on what is our most popular door, the Trend. We’re increasingly seeing that homeowners no longer want to imitate the style of their neighbours, but rather differentiate their property with something that is truly unique to them.

The digital printing technology allows them to achieve exactly that, and we knew it would be a big hit.”

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