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Alutech Levigato Garage Door Operator

Alutech have teamed up with one of the world’s most famous automotive design companies to bring you Levigato.

As you can see, they have definitely worked their magic with the appearance of the range of Alutech products. Tactile pebble inspired motor head and hand-sets not only look great, they feel just like the quality you would expect.

The award-winning Levigato garage door operator from Alutech

Premium Quality - Alutech is a name you can trust

Lit up by the super-bright LED courtesy light strip the Alutech Levigato garage door motor adds a touch of italian design finesse to the interior of your garage.

Smoothly, quietly and effortlessly opening your Alutech sectional garage door the Levigato motor is an absoloute must for any sectional garage door installation. The solid galzanised steel motor rail, kevlar and steel belt and rigid durable mechanism keep your door securely locked when closed.

Fully compliant with all relevant European standards the Levigato motor comes with a 5 year manufacturer backed motor warranty and being an Alutech branded product, has the reliability, build quality and durability for which Alutech are famous.

Ask your Alutech dealer to tell you more about this outstanding, beautifully designed garage door motor.