Alutech Series Highlight: Trend Garage Doors

Drawing on years of experience in manufacturing, Alutech have created an attractive, reliable, built-to-last sectional door using the very latest technology and high-quality components. We are referring, of course, to the ever-popular Trend series of sectional garage doors. Recently, Alutech has offered the digital print option, an industrial digital printing technology which allows the application of complex images onto the door leaf, to the Trend series, adding this to the extensive list of Trend garage doors’ advantages!

The digital print option, which up until this latest announcement was exclusive to the Prestige series, is making it possible to bring the homeowner’s most imaginative and personalised design ideas to life, as well as offering a wide selection of natural wood and stone effects.

But what are specifically the reasons why so many garage door dealers are offering this series of doors? Here is a list.

  1. Superior insulation: the Trend series door panel has an independently verified U-Value of 1.35 while being only 40mm thick. Panels are polyurethane-coated with integrated polyamide particles (PUR-PA) to maintain the original appearance of the door panels!
  2. Fitter friendly: installation is easier and safer thanks to a series of smart design features. Panels comply with one of the main European safety standards (EN12604) to eliminate the risk of finger trapping – this makes the door safer not only for the fitter but for the end user as well.
  3. Quick lead times: with Alutech, you can have your door in just 4 to 6 weeks – including completely bespoke, digitally printed designs!
  4. Great customer service: we are committed to being different by making customer service a top priority. In fact, as sole UK distributor for Alutech Garage Doors, we offer unrivalled support and service to our network of dealers.

Of course, their sleek and modern designs are still part of the reason to choose the Alutech Trend doors for your business or property. Below are some examples.

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