Bespoke Design with Prestige

The recently launched Prestige sectional door series is a welcome addition to our current sectional door range on offer. The door series is a product of unique design, integrating 20 years of Alutech Group experience and global technical innovations.

The Prestige series doors holds the same outstanding energy efficiency of our existing Alutech sectional doors, equal to a 60 cm thick brick wall. To guarantee comfortable temperatures in the garage during the whole year. Steel sheets in Alutech sandwich panels are interlocked and have a closed contour. This design ensures protection against delamination during abrupt door opening/closing and overheating under the sun. Thereby extending the door operation life.

Except for the superb technical characteristics, the Prestige door series is also notable for a unique design feature – digital printing. This technology enables the doors to become a bespoke product to perfectly match the facade or add a striking trait to any exterior. Advanced printing permits the application of complex images onto the door leaf. Making it possible to bring to life the most imaginative and distinct concepts while offering the following printing advantages.

Clear Picture

The image applied on the doors boasts the highest resolution and excellent quality. Even minute details of the image will be clear after printing on the leaf.

Excellent Printing Quality

We use high quality UV-ink from European manufacturers. A special layer is created on the sandwich panel during photopolymerization. This layer prevents the ink from soaking into the panel enabling the image to stay bright and colourful for a long time.

Resistance to Ultraviolet Light

Digital lacquer protects the image from ultraviolet rays. Test results have shown the image to stay bright and sharp for at least 10 years of operation.

Protection from Mechanical Damage

Due to the special protective lacquer, panel surface is resistant to scratches and mechanical impact.

Tolerance to Temperature Fluctuations

The materials used for image printing are resistant to temperature fluctuations, which is extremely important for regions with frequently changing weather.

Protection Against Bad Weather

Multi-layer coating of the panels is resistant to precipitation impact. Digital print doors may be operated in any region and under extreme weather conditions.

Short Term Production

The latest printing advancements ensure high speed painting. This allows us to complete orders with individual printing within 5−7 days.

With 5 types of sandwich panels, up to 10 standard colours, exclusive natural stone and wood finish designs, more than 200 RAL colours and individual patterns by digital printing the Prestige sectional door series offers endless design possibilities and customisation. To receive a copy of the Prestige brochures or to find out further details on the range, contact your Area Sales Manager or the JD (UK) team at or on 01924 472 924.