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Opening Doors with JDUK

Bespoke Design

3 months ago
Alutech sectional garage doors come in 5 panel design options, 27 standard RAL colours, and can be finished in either a textured wood grain, embossed surface or a contemporary smooth finish,… Read

Easy Access with Pass Doors

3 months ago
A pass door (also known as a pedestrian door) is a separate single-door entrance to a garage. It allows for easy access without the need of opening the entire garage… Read

Fit and Forget with Levigato

4 months ago
First Time, Every Time The Levigato Garage Door Operator is a must for sectional door installations that require fail-safe functionality, to suit all applications so that you can simply fit and forget. The… Read

Bespoke Design with Prestige

4 months ago
The recently launched Prestige sectional door series is a welcome addition to our current sectional door range on offer. The door series is a product of unique design, integrating 20… Read

Garage Storage Solutions

4 months ago
Despite the recent boom in UK homeowners repurposing their garage into a contemporary living space, the vast majority of us still use our garage for its intended purpose – to store… Read

How to Secure Your Garage

4 months ago
As burglaries occur at an estimated every 40 seconds in the UK, it’s probably a good idea for you to secure your home or commercial property. Recently, local authorities have seen… Read

Garage Safety with Alutech

5 months ago
Garage door accidents result in 20,000-30,000 injuries every year, with pinching during garage door operation causing 7,500 of these alone. The vast majority of incidents are not actually caused by… Read

Go Green with Alutech

5 months ago
JD (UK) are thrilled to announce that our Alutech sectional garage doors have been declared an environmental product by the IFT Rosenheim institute.  The full sectional door range has been… Read

Is an Insulated Garage Door Necessary?

5 months ago
Once thought of as a luxury, an insulated garage door is now becoming a necessity for homeowners looking to upgrade their garage. Insulation within the door panelling can help save… Read

Choosing the Right Colour for Your Garage Door

5 months ago
Beyond keeping on top of colour trends, the colour of you garage door should reflect your home and space’s natural environment and aesthetics. It’s a big decision and initially one… Read