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Alutech garage doors are manufactured to the highest standard and are not only safe, resistant and convenient, but they also come in many aesthetically pleasing designs so as to complement any home façade perfectly. In this article you will find some of our most popular Alutech sectional door options from the Panoramic, Trend and Prestige series.

Starting with one of the most classic designs of the Panoramic series, these matching sectional doors give the highest level of visibility with full glazing! The glazed panels create a bespoke and very modern design, and they are available in clear glazing or white, grey or brown smooth opaque colours. This door is made with white opaque panels which, during the day, exploit natural daylight to the fullest. Isn’t it stunning?!

The large horizontal rib of the L Ribbed garage doors is an extremely popular choice, as it emphasises the individual style of any home and enhances its kerb appeal. This modern design is available for both the Trend and Prestige series, and it is guaranteed to add a contemporary touch to any home façade.

This M Ribbed door has medium horizontal ribs positioned evenly, making junctions between the panels absolutely unnoticeable. It is a design that stands out from the rest of sectional garage doors out there – which is why it is one of our best selling products.

You can get ‘back to the classics’ with the Georgian style panel design, which is often selected as a traditional alternative to the rest of our more contemporary designs. It makes an ideal choice for anyone who wants to add a special charm to their property, and it’s also available in both the Trend and Prestige series.

Natural stone prints are, without any doubt, some of our most impressive designs! They provide a unique and natural look and are ideal for those who appreciate authenticity and natural design patterns.

Theme prints on our Trend and Prestige sectional garage doors are a revelation – thanks to advanced digital print technology, you can now have any image of your choice printed on your door panel set. You can choose amongst a variety of available images with nature, landscape and vehicle themes, or choose any other image for a completely one-of-a-kind door!

If any of these designs inspired you, then you might want to upgrade your home’s garage door or, if you are an installer, you might be interested in partnering with us. In any case, for queries and more information on what Alutech Garage Doors can do for you, email or just give one of our friendly sales representatives a call on 01924 472924.