Choose Alutech Garage Doors

Here at JD(UK) we are committed to providing you with premium quality Alutech sectional garage doors and roller garage door components. All provided with outstanding service and help from our team of specialist and friendly staff. But there are many more reasons why you should choose JD(UK) for all your garage door needs.


All our sectional doors are manufactured to order. Meaning they can be designed completely bespoke to whatever colour, style and size that you require. Our panel sizes can be made up to 6000 mm wide and 3000 mm high. Providing our customers with greater flexibility and availability in their garage door design.

Alutech Trend series sectional garage doors are available in 5 panel design options, 27 standard RAL colours, and can be finished in either textured wood grain, embossed or a smooth finish. Alutech Prestige series utilises digital printing which permits the application of complex images onto the door leaf. All with a range of different window styles and accessories. Despite this, custom designs are still available upon request, to help our customers capture a totally unique and bespoke sectional garage door design.


Alutech door systems incorporate full electric automation as standard. Automatic opening and closing of garage doors allows for smoother, more hassle-free use. Such comforts are particularly beneficial to us in the UK. With an average of 195 rainy days a year, an automated garage door opener ensures you’ll never have to brave the bitter weather to get to your vehicle.

The Levigato Garage Door Operator is a must for sectional door installations that require fail-safe functionality, to suit all applications so that you can simply fit and forget. The Levigato allows you to set force and speed settings independently. With the ability to automatically re-calibrate the open and closed limit points of the door, reprogramming the automation has become a thing of the past. Applicable to any style of tracked and retrofit garage door. 


Our Alutech Sectional Garage Doors are pulled open and pushed close by a boom arm. Which is attached to a moving carriage on the belt drive motor rail. This system features a security fail locking mechanism which locks the carriage solid in the rail, should any external force be applied to the door. Unlike other thinner door types, a sectional garage door is virtually impenetrable to any would-be attacker. Heavy duty power tools (and a lot of noise and commotion) would certainly be required to penetrate the door in order to gain entry inside.

Sectional doors are particularly secure given that they’re split into separate strong interlocking panels. This leaves no leverage points for intruders to take advantage of. Internal operating systems create a concealed point of attack which makes intruding highly difficult for burglars. Similarly effective roller doors, made from overlapping strong materials, also have an internal operating system – hiding any vulnerable openings.


With the average garage door weighing between 60-150kg, depending on the material and framing, you would naturally want to prevent this from falling on you or your car at all costs. Our sectional garage doors torsion springs are equipped with spring breaks which stop the door leaf from falling in case of spring breakage. Our doors automation system is also equipped with sensors which prevent the door from lowering if it meets an obstruction. Protecting both your bonnet and your body.

Our sandwich panels interlocking hook design removes gaps between sections from the surface of the door leaf. Protecting against finger trapping and improving the door aesthetics. As an optional upgrade, the spring mechanism for side sprung doors can be fully enclosed. This further eliminates finger entrapment and enhances the doors internal appearance.


Our full sectional door range has been declared an environmental product by IFT Rosenheim institute, based on the product’s life cycle assessment. The assessment evaluates material and energy flows for the calculation and subsequent representation of environmental impacts. During the manufacturing process of our sectional doors, no emissions to indoor air, water and soil were found.

Our raw materials are largely made up from wildly recyclable materials, such as aluminium, which can be reprocessed indefinitely without any loss in quality to the metal. With nearly 100 years of recycling the material behind us, an impressive 75% of aluminium ever made is still in use to this day. However, our other main components are also highly recyclable including steel, plastics and other metals. 


Multi-layer sandwich panels contain an internal and external steel sheet surrounding foamed polyurethane, ensuring protection against outdoor temperatures and corrosion. Thermal transmittance of Alutech sectional doors is 1,06 W/(m2 K), which is comparable to a 60cm thick brick wall. This means an Alutech sectional garage door will keep your home warmer while maximising your energy efficiency. 

With the greater control of indoor temperatures, less heat will be lost in winter and less heat will be transmitted through the garage in summer. This results in homeowners using less energy heating and cooling their homes. Effectively cutting energy costs, saving up to 20% on annual energy bills with said proper insulation.


We offer a great range of accessories and components to complement our garage doors. Our door windows are available in classic square, rectangular and circle or with decorative sunrise or cross inserts. With the option to add acrylic textured glazing and colour matched frames or stainless steel frames, helping you achieve an uber modern and sleek garage finish. 

Our range of wicket and pass doors provide additional quick and easy access in and out of the garage. Our wicket doors and pass doors are constructed from 40mm and 45mm insulated panels, respectively, for supreme thermal efficiency. With four handle colour options (Traffic White, White Aluminium, Jet Black, Grey-Brown) and the option to colour match both the external and internal frame, our pass doors can be tailor-made with bespoke designs and styles. Helping compliment your Alutech garage door profile. 


Sound insulation of Alutech insulated sectional doors is 24dB (EN ISO 717-1). Helping you relax in your home without being disturbed by the noisy outside. This can be a particularly pressing issue if you use your garage as a living or work space and need concentration or just some quiet down time. Additionally, insulated garage doors insulate sound from within, which is perfect for any garage workshop or living space.

Our sectional garage doors also keep noise to a minimum when opening. The solid galvanised steel motor rail, kevlar and steel belt and rigid durable mechanism keeps your door securely locked when closed, while ensuring a smooth and quiet door operation.


Engineered to withstand extremes of heat, cold, wind and rain, Alutech sectional garage doors are built to cope with the worst the great British weather has to throw at them.  Aluminium doors are built to last and are effectively resistant to corrosion. Our range of garage doors are finished in a thick powder coating, which obtains a dense finish that is more durable and longer-lasting than conventional paint.

Our springs are coated in a protective lacquer and precision engineered from high grade tensile steel. Ensuring high-quality and long-lasting safe garage door use. The average lifetime of springs is up to 15000 open/close cycles. This is the equivalent to 10 years of service, based on a 4 times daily open/close use. With Alutech, due to our unique spring system, we can confirm a 25,000 spring cycle guarantee in product warranty. Based on the same 4 open/close cycles per day, this guarantee equates to 17 years of ordinary use! 


Alutech Garage Doors have experienced incredible growth in recent years. More and more garage door specialists are offering these great quality doors. As sole UK distributor for Alutech Garage Doors, we offer unrivalled support and service to our network of dealers. Our training and technical support is industry leading because we employ great quality staff who have a passion for delivering great service. We are here to help provide all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Whether you require roller, sectional, single or double doors we can help. Our 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse houses £1 million worth of roller garage components and sectional door stock. Alutech’s fleet of highly-trained staff and advanced equipment enables doors to be manufactured to individual demands within a quick turnaround.

For more information on what we and our range of Alutech Garage Door and automation products can do for you, view our product pages. Alternatively, give one of our friendly sales representatives a call on 01924 472924 or email