Easy Access with Pass Doors

A pass door (also known as a pedestrian door) is a separate single-door entrance to a garage. It allows for easy access without the need of opening the entire garage door. This can have a number of benefits on the overall condition of the garage and its user. 


The main function of the pass door is for garage access. A pass door can provide quick and easy access to a garage. This is ideal for when a garage poses as use for something other than vehicle storage. Such as, a workshop or extra living space. To provide further comfort of your additional living space, our pass doors offer an acoustic performance of Rw = 20 (− 1;− 2) dB. Keeping the outside world separate from your garage.

Easy access is particularly pressing for commercial garages which can often be very large and wide. Here at JD(UK) we can manufacture garage doors up to 6000 mm wide and 3000 mm high. With the addition of a pass door, time and energy will, hence, be saved. Though our automatic operational garage doors open in just 15 seconds, there’s nothing more convenient than slipping through a singular door.


The average lifetime of garage door springs is up to 15000 open/close cycles. This is the equivalent to 10 years of service, based on a 4 times daily open/close use. You can prolong this life by using the garage door less. By using a pass door, you can access your garage quickly and efficiently without having to open the entire garage door. This will help increase the life of a garage door and its condition. That being said, Alutech springs are coated in a protective lacquer and precision engineered from high grade tensile steel. Ensuring high-quality and long-lasting, safe garage door use. With Alutech, due to our unique spring system, we can confirm a 25,000 spring cycle guarantee in product warranty. Based on the same 4 open/close cycles per day, this guarantee equates to 17 years of ordinary use. With a pass door, this can be even more.

For doors that use an operator, by using a pass door instead of opening the garage door, energy bills can be conserved. Moreover, using a pass door results in less heat loss of you garage. This is particularly important if your garage is connected to the main part of your home. Saving on both energy bills and ensuring comfort within the home and garage. With a thermal transmittance of 2.5 W / (m2K>), Class 2 air permeability, Class 1A water tightness and Class C2 resistance to wind load, our range of pass doors offer the upmost comfort and security within your garage.


A pass door can also provide a number of safety and security benefits. If you’re in and out of the garage, you can do so privately. Removing the need to open up the entire garage door and display your garage contents/vehicle for the whole world to see. Our range of pass doors are also constructed in block frame making for a safe and convenient installation.

For automated garage doors, in case of power failure, a pass door provides alternative access in and out of the garage. The additional door also allows children and vulnerable people safe access in and outside. Removing the need to open a heavy and potentially dangerous garage door. Additionally, Alutech sectional garage doors provide a number of safety features to keep your property and the occupants within it safe. 

Our pass doors are constructed from 45mm insulated panels for supreme thermal efficiency. With four handle colour options (Traffic White, White Aluminium, Jet Black, Grey-Brown) and the option to colour match both the external and internal frame, our pass doors can be tailor-made with bespoke designs and styles to compliment your existing Alutech garage door profile.

For more information on our range of pass doors and sectional garage doors view our product selection or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call on 01924 472924.