Go Green with Alutech

JD (UK) are thrilled to announce that our Alutech sectional garage doors have been declared an environmental product by the IFT Rosenheim institute. 

The full sectional door range has been declared an environmental product based on the product’s life cycle assessment. The assessment evaluates material and energy flows for the calculation and subsequent representation of environmental impacts. Our sectional door panels have been deemed an environmental product due to a number of factors throughout the product’s life from the pre to post use of our doors. 


During the manufacturing process of our sectional doors, no emissions to indoor air, water and soil were found. Our raw materials are largely made up from wildly recyclable materials, such as aluminium, which can be reprocessed indefinitely without any loss in quality to the metal.


Quality control and state of the art engineering systems allow Alutech to produce a higher quality spring than other sectional garage door manufacturers, ensuring long-lasting use. Engineered to withstand extremes of heat, cold, wind and rain, Alutech sectional garage doors are built to cope with the worst the great British weather has to throw at them. Product life is, hence, extended making for a more environmentally-friendly product.


As previously noted, the main component of our sectional garage doors, aluminium, is a highly recyclable material. With nearly 100 years of recycling the material behind us, an impressive 75% of the metal ever made is still in use to this day. However, our other main components are highly recyclable including steel, plastics and other metals. 

Recirculation of materials:

  • Steel 95% in steel melt
  • Aluminium 95% in aluminium melt
  • Remaining metals 97% in melt

The product’s life cycle isn’t the only aspect of our sectional garage doors that is green, the product range also helps our consumers be environmentally friendly too.

Multi-layer sandwich panels contain an internal and external steel sheet surrounding foamed polyurethane, ensuring protection against outdoor temperatures and corrosion. Thermal transmittance of Alutech sectional doors is 1,06 W/(m2 K), which is comparable to a 60cm thick brick wall. This means an Alutech sectional garage door will keep your home warmer while maximising your energy efficiency. With the greater control of indoor temperatures, less heat will be lost in winter and less heat will be transmitted through the garage in summer. This results in homeowners using less energy heating and cooling their homes, effectively cutting energy costs, saving up to 20% on annual energy bills with said proper insulation.

Alutech garage doors are built to last, with highly efficient thermal transmittance and environmentally friendly production, use and disposal there’s no better reason to find out more about our range of insulated sectional and roller garage doors. View our product selection or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call on 01924 472924.