Fit and Forget with Levigato

Levigato Automation on Sectional Garage Door

First Time, Every Time

The Levigato Garage Door Operator is a must for sectional door installations that require fail-safe functionality, to suit all applications so that you can simply fit and forget. The Levigato allows you to set force and speed settings independently. With the ability to automatically re-calibrate the open and closed limit points of the door, reprogramming the automation has become a thing of the past. Applicable to any style of tracked and retrofit garage door. The Levigato is the perfect operator choice – first time, every time.

Red Dot Design Award for Levigato


The Levigato Automation Series was born from the combined work of product engineers at Alutech and leading Italian automotive design company, Pininfarina. This innovative design led the Levigato to receive the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2018. Beating products presented from 6,300 companies across 59 countries. The title is presented to companies that represent truly innovative products. From the video below, you can see why the Levigato was crowned the award.

Sleek Operation

The Levigato is distinguished by conceptual design, neat style and structural integrity. The tactile pebble inspired motor head and hand set not only look great, they feel and function just like the quality you would expect from Alutech. The super-bright LED courtesy strip of the Levigato is a welcoming feature to the operator. Aiding in both ease of use and design. The solid galvanised steel motor rail, kevlar and steel belt and rigid durable mechanism keep your door securely locked when closed. Ensuring a smooth, quiet, effortless and secure garage door opening.

Fully compliant with all relevant European standards, the Levigato motor comes with a 5 year manufacturer backed motor warranty and being an Alutech branded product, you are ensured of reliability, build quality and durability.

For more information on the Levigato Garage Door Operator contact your Area Sales Manager or the JD (UK) team at or on 01924 472 924.