Garage Safety with Alutech

Garage door accidents result in 20,000-30,000 injuries every year, with pinching during garage door operation causing 7,500 of these alone. The vast majority of incidents are not actually caused by personal negligence, such as running under a lowering door, but rather due to mechanical failures within the garage door operational system. Using advanced technology and years of experience in manufacturing and high-quality components our garage doors are constructed to ensure safe operation. Our sectional garage doors are attractive in design, reliable and provide safe operation for many years due to a number of safety features.


Spring Breaks

With the average garage door weighing between 60-150kg, depending on the material and framing, you would naturally want to prevent this from falling on you or your car at all costs. Our sectional garage doors torsion springs are equipped with spring breaks which stop the door leaf from falling in case of spring breakage.

Aluminium is also a lightweight material without compromising on strength. Placing less strain on garage springs and tracks when compared to other garage door materials such as steel or solid wood.



Our springs are coated in a protective lacquer and precision engineered from high grade tensile steel. Ensuring high-quality and long-lasting safe garage door use.

The average lifetime of springs is up to 15000 open/close cycles. This is the equivalent to 10 years of service, based on a 4 times daily open/close use. With Alutech, due to our unique spring system, we can confirm a 25,000 spring cycle guarantee in product warranty. Based on the same 4 open/close cycles per day, this guarantee equates to 17 years of ordinary use!


Anti-Finger Entrapment

Our sandwich panels interlocking hook design removes gaps between sections from the surface of the door leaf. Protecting against finger trapping and improving the door aesthetics.

As an optional upgrade, the spring mechanism for side sprung doors can be fully enclosed. This further eliminates finger entrapment and enhances the doors internal appearance.



Reversing a car out of a garage without the garage door being fully open is the most common garage incident. Our doors automation system is equipped with sensors which prevent the door from lowering if it meets an obstruction. Protecting both your bonnet and your body.

Our automatic operational garage doors also open in just 15 seconds. Which is great if patience isn’t one of your virtues.

Quality safety features are just some of the many benefits of an Alutech sectional garage door. To find out more about our range of safe and secure garage doors, view our product selection or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call on 01924 472924.