Garage Storage Solutions

Despite the recent boom in UK homeowners repurposing their garage into a contemporary living space, the vast majority of us still use our garage for its intended purpose – to store a vehicle. This can often leave little remaining space within a garage for tools, sports equipment or a workspace. 

To make the most of organising your garage for optimal space and storage you need to get creative. Here are our top 10 space-saving storage solutions to free-up room and manage your garage.

1. Bike

To keep bikes in pristine condition and avoid the effects of outside elements, the garage would seem like the ideal place to keep them. However they are often heavy and awkwardly shaped, making them tricky to store. The solution? Hanging storage. Whether hooks, a wall bracket or a savvy hoist systems (which takes care of any heavy lifting) storing your bikes above ground will save floor space and safely secure your bikes.

2. Vertical Storage

Overhead storage by SPACETHIS.

Speaking of saving floor space, making the most of vertical space is the perfect storage solution for a garage considering that the majority of ground space may be taken up by a car or cars. Dropdown shelving and racks suspended from the garage ceiling make great storage for seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations and camping gear, which rarely need to be readily used.

3. Heavy Duty Shelves

If you don’t have the ceiling space, making the most of freestanding shelves may be the best option for you. Heavy duty shelves and storage racks made from steel or aluminium are designed to withstand hefty loads. Making them ideal for securely storing heavy equipment and tools in any commercial or domestic garage. Free standing shelves can range from the affordable to industrial-level and are available in slim and tall options to utilise a tight space. 

Using shelves around your garage can also help you create zones. Zoning your garage is a handy organising technique if you often have to grab certain tools and supplies quickly. Helping you knowing exactly where they are at any given time.

4. Track System

Track systems are fit for storing awkwardly shaped items as they are completely customisable and can be adjusted to hold different objects. The best tracking systems available include accessories which incorporate hooks, shelves and drawers making them flexible to suit your garage-dwelling needs. Even the most bulky items which don’t fit on shelves, such as gardening tools and wheelbarrows, can be hung with the right attachments.

5. Peg Board

And for storing smaller, handheld-items a peg board works best. Peg boards offer similar customisable abilities as a tracking systems while looking contemporarily eye-catching and easy to use and adjust when needed. Our personal favourite SKÅDIS peg board range from IKEA, includes compatible shelves, hooks, clips, containers and storage bags as customisable attachments. Perfect to store hand tools, paint brushes and supplies.

6. Folding Workbench

If your creative hobby is too messy to enjoy in the main part of your home, and space is tight within the garage, a foldaway workbench may be the perfect garage storage saver for you. Apart from being the place where tools and supplies are commonly stored, setting up a workbench within your garage creates a dedicated space away from your home where you can focus on projects distraction-free. Use your workbench as your DIY studio or potting area for all those with crafty fingers or a green thumb.

7. Storage Boxes

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Storage boxes are an affordable and simple solution to organising your garage and optimising space. Boxes with lids will ensure your items stay safe and dry while making them stackable for extra space-saving results. Make sure these are labelled to reduce time spent rummaging – particularly if stored in overhead storage. Labelling your boxes is also another useful way to zone your garage, making it a more useable space.

8. Ball Caddy

Whether you have dogs, kids or are just an avid sports player, loose balls and sport equipment can be both an annoyance and danger to the regular users of your garage. Keeping balls in a basket or ball-bin is an easy way to keep these hard-to-store items accessible and secure. If you’re nifty enough you can also easily DIY a ball caddy using bungy cord for easy access, find out how here.

9. Fitted Cabinets

Fitted cabinets are arguably the best way to save space and organise your garage. They’re designed to fit your unique space and make the most out of any available room, but this can come at a high price tag. Alternatively, old office filing cabinets and vintage tall boys can be repurposed for garage storage. Filing cabinets are particularly convenient as many are fitted with a lock and key so any flammable liquids and hazardous equipment can be safely stowed away.

10. Garage Door

Changing your garage door can also free up a lot of space. Up-and-over and side hinge garage doors require an empty space in front and behind the garage door to fully open. Alternatively, roller garage doors achieve space by leaving the walls and ceiling of your garage free. Thereby enabling room for roof storage without preventing the in-and-out access to the garage. Similarly, sectional garage doors open vertically, with panels being stowed back inside the garage within the roof space. Meaning that no empty space needs to be left in order to gain access to your garage, allowing more places for storage and equipment.

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