Going Against the Gimmick

Save up to 20% on Alutech Sectional Doors All Year Round

Competition in the sectional garage door market has been hotting-up in recent months, with several manufacturers offering special discounts on their products. The team at JD (UK) Ltd, Alutech’s key UK distributor, prefers to keep prices low all year round, as Louis Wynne, Northern Area Sales Manager for JD (UK), explains…

“At this time of year, we seem to be bombarded on all sides with special offers, deals and discounts on sofas, TVs, computers, toys, games consoles – you name it, there’s a discount on offer!

How often do you say to yourself, ‘why can’t they just sell at their best price all year round?’

That’s a very natural response for anyone presented with a special discount offer. If your sofa retailer can knock off 20% today, why would anybody pay 20% more next week?

Alutech Sectional Garage Door

Of course, as experienced business people, we all see through these short-term gimmicks and promotions very easily. What does become immediately obvious is that a supplier who is offering discounts to win back lost business is basically admitting their prices are too high.

The success of budget airlines, discount supermarkets and low-cost energy suppliers, demonstrates the fact that customers choose good value brands over expensive products with big discounts.

Increased choice and competition in the market is good for everyone. Dealers benefit from more competitive prices and end users get better quality products that they can afford.

As a result, sectional door sales have exploded and more and more UK homeowners are benefiting from the enhanced security, insulation and durability that a sectional garage door provides. Therefore, as manufacturers compete to win your business, this can only be a good thing for the industry. Better quality products, higher sales volumes and happier customers.

JD (UK) Ltd’s sales team have been working very hard recently talking to all our loyal customers and reminding them of one very simple fact:

All Alutech sectional garage doors are price checked against the competition to be 10%-20% less expensive.

If one of our competitors is offering a 10% saving on a door that has been 20% more expensive all along – then we are still 10% less expensive! I take it as a massive compliment that the opposition are offering discounts to win back business we have taken from them. It’s really easy for me to remind my customers that our prices are always lower. It also begs a very obvious question too, ‘why pay more?’”

So why is it that JD and Alutech can supply great quality doors at consistently lower prices, without resorting to short term deals and discounts?

Louis continues, “The Alutech Group are based in Belarus and produce products of outstanding quality, using the most modern production techniques and facilities. The quality of Alutech products is well recognised, with some of the very biggest names in the industry happy to be associated with the Alutech name.

The Alutech brand has therefore been built on the principle of ‘affordable quality’. This has proven far more popular than high prices with short term deals and discounts.”

JD (UK) Ltd, as a wholly UK owned and operated business, runs a streamlined and efficient operation. JD don’t spend huge amounts on marketing but invest where it matters – good people, good infrastructure and good service.

Perhaps that’s why JD and Alutech’s reputation for high quality doors, excellent service and unbeatable prices allows them to continue their record rate of growth. Despite heavy discounting amongst competitors, the growth of the Alutech brand shows no signs of slowing.

Steve Hudson, MD of JD (UK) Ltd commented, “When we do deals and discounts, it’s to reward our customers for giving us more of their business. For example, take our recent offer to receive a 10% discount on a door when ordering a batch of 10 Alutech Levigato operators. Why shouldn’t our customers who buy more products receive a reward? That’s very different from slashing all our prices for a couple of months to try and boost sales. We simply don’t need to do that as our prices are consistently lower, and our sales are consistently growing.”

It seems the door industry responds best to fair prices all year round – not deals that are here today and gone tomorrow.

To discuss Alutech sectional doors in more detail you should call the JD sales team on 01924 472924 or email sales@jdukltd.co.uk.