How to Secure Your Garage

As burglaries occur at an estimated every 40 seconds in the UK, it’s probably a good idea for you to secure your home or commercial property. Recently, local authorities have seen an increase in theft from garages. As many people neglect to secure their garage door as much as they would their front door. Vehicles, power tools, sports equipment and lawnmowers, as well as entrance to the remainder of your building, are all at risk when your garage is not properly secure.

With 47% of burglaries carried out in a spur of the moment there are many ways potential burglar opportunists can be put off attempting a break-in. Here are our top 5 tips to increase your garage security. 

Light the Lights

Garage and outdoor lighting, particularly motion-detecting ones, can help keep your garage protected. These lights turn on automatically when motion is detected, drawing attention to any intruder attempts. Which helps deter intruders from the act.

Simply leaving a small porch or garden light on can also be effective in wearing off burglars. As such increases the risk or being seen, i.e. identified or caught, and gives the illusion that someone is home.

Sound the Alarm

If you have an existing home intruder alarm system, integrating this with your garage can be a great way to prevent theft. Garage alarms can either be motion detected (PIR-censored) or installed into the garage door frame to detect break-ins

Lock it Away

We understand that using your garage for storage is a necessity for many UK homeowners. Not all valuable items, and bulkier ones, can be safely locked away inside your house. However, locking items within the garage itself provides an extra layer of protection for your stored goods. All while making a burglar’s job all the more difficult. Considering that almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window, there’s no harm in creating an extra barrier of protection for your valuables in the case of accidental negligence.

Investing in a locker or drawer unit with a code or key system is a great option to store tools and valuable equipment. Ground and wall-anchors for bikes are also an ideal way of keeping items secure. And, no matter how much faith you have in your garage, it’s always best to lock your car door.

Upgrade your Door

Investing in good garage door is one of the best ways to deter crime and secure your home and valuables. Sectional doors are particularly secure given that they’re split into separate strong interlocking panels. This leaves no leverage points for intruders to take advantage of. Many sectional doors are also automated. This internal operating system creates a concealed point of attack which makes intruding highly difficult for burglars. Similarly effective roller doors, made from overlapping strong materials, also have an internal operating system – hiding any vulnerable openings.

Our Alutech Sectional Doors are pulled open and pushed close by a boom arm. Which is attached to a moving carriage on the belt drive motor rail. This system features a security fail locking mechanism which locks the carriage solid in the rail, should any external force be applied to the door. Unlike other thinner door types, a sectional garage door is virtually impenetrable to any would-be attacker. Heavy duty power tools (and a lot of noise and commotion) would certainly be required to penetrate the door in order to gain entry inside.

Secure System

The majority of break-ins via the garage door are due to homeowner negligence. Such as, leaving the garage door open or unlocked. A high-quality locking system can help prevent this, giving you peace of mind while you’re away from the home.

JD (UK) are the sole UK distributor for Alutech sectional doors and the Deprat locking system. The Deprat 89mm cylindrical roller garage door barrel and stainless steel reinforced auto-locking mechanism is one of the most secure systems in use today. 

If you garage door is over 10-15 years old we recommend upgrading it to a secure garage door and operator. To find out more about or range of sectional garage doors, Deprat locking system and other roller door components view our product selection. Or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call on 01924 472924.