Is an Insulated Garage Door Necessary?

Once thought of as a luxury, an insulated garage door is now becoming a necessity for homeowners looking to upgrade their garage. Insulation within the door panelling can help save on energy bills while providing additional security and comfort for optimal garage use.

With 55% of homeowners relying on the garage door as their primary entrance*, the garage for many is the main, and most likely largest, way into our homes. With this in mind it’s important to invest in a quality thermally insulated garage door to reap a number of home-improvement benefits.

Our Alutech sectional doors are thermally insulated with 40mm thick aluminium sandwich panels. These multi-layer panels contain an internal and external steel sheet surrounding foamed polyurethane, ensuring protection against outdoor temperatures and corrosion.

Whether you’re opting for sectional or roller, choosing a thermally insulated garage door may be the best option for you and your home and here’s why.

Temperature Control

For many of us the garage acts as the buffer zone between outdoor and indoor temperatures. Non-insulated garage doors can transfer outdoor temperatures into adjoining rooms. An insulated garage door will help prevent heat loss allowing you to live more comfortably in the surrounding rooms and moderating both hot and cold indoor temperatures.

Similar benefits can be said for external garages, where you’ll be able to spend prolonged amounts of time in without feeling the effects of the bitter cold or sweltering outdoor heat.

The bottom end profile of our sectional doors is completely concealed inside the panel head. The hidden final profile has no contact with the outside – preventing thermal bridging. As a result, cold does not transmit inside the premises and it does not freeze during the winter season.

Cut Energy Bills

With creating greener homes at the forefront of many UK homeowner’s minds, opting for an insulated garage door can reap lots of energy-saving benefits. Sectional garage doors are the superior option for insulation, weather resistance and impact protection. Thermal transmittance of Alutech sectional doors is 1,06 W/(m2 K), which is comparable to a 60cm thick brick wall. This means an Alutech sectional garage door will keep your home warmer while maximising your energy efficiency.

With the greater control of indoor temperatures, less heat will be lost in winter and less heat will be transmitted through the garage in summer. This results in homeowners using less energy heating and cooling their homes, effectively cutting energy costs, saving up to 20% on annual energy bills with said proper insulation.

Protect Your Belongings

An insulated aluminium garage door is more durable than a non-insulated one which can help protect your stored belongings from outside elements. This is particularly important for car owners who store their vehicle in their garage as freezing weather can shorten your car’s battery life and lower the air pressure in its tyres. Insulated car storage will not only prolong the life of your vehicle but will also save you time on wintry mornings with antifreeze and scrapers becoming a thing of the past.

The outer and inner steel sheets of an Alutech sectional door sandwich panel are interconnected at the top and bottom. This closed contour eliminates separation of a panel due to solar heating, keeping your stored items and vehicle safe from bad weather. Insulated garage doors are also thicker and stronger than many non-insulate ones, protecting your vehicle and items from both outdoor conditions and theft. Our 40mm thick insulated steel panels lock solidly in place when the door closes which, unlike thinner single skin steel doors, is virtually impenetrable to a would-be attacker.

Living Space

Today, many garages are no longer used simply for car storage but are utilised for an array of storage and creative spaces. To be exact, This Is Money reports approximately 3.9 million garages have been converted into living spaces within the last two decades. A secure, insulated and warm garage breathes the opportunity to turn your garage into a living space – think home office or gym. Our thick, strong and secure panels also keep any expensive gym or office equipment safe, and with an opening mechanism which takes up minimal room, you’ll be sure to make the most our of your new living space.

Even if you don’t need the extra living space, adding an insulated garage door opens up the opportunity for future home owners to do so, effectively increasing your property value. Which, according to Constellation Energy Resources, can increase your home appraisal value by as much as 4 percent.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation of Alutech insulated sectional doors is 24dB (EN ISO 717-1), so you can relax in your home without being disturbed by the noisy outside. This can be a particularly pressing issue if you do use your garage as a living space and need concentration or just some quiet down time.

Additionally, insulated garage doors insulate sound from within, which is perfect for any garage-turned-workshop or home band rehearsal; ensuring that your neighbours stay sane…

Engineered to withstand extremes of heat, cold, wind and rain, Alutech garage doors are built to cope with the worst the great British weather has to throw at them. To find out more about our range of insulated sectional and roller garage doors view our product selection or give one of our friendly sales representatives a call on 01924 472924.

*Chamberlain Group online study conducted by Zoomerang of 1,024 homeowners