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InsuRoll Roller Garage Doors


JD (UK) Ltd. - Roller Garage Door Specialists

JD (UK) Ltd. occupy a unique position in the garage door industry as the sole UK distributor for Alutech & Deprat roller garage door components. This allows us great freedom to build a national network of trusted garage door specialists who manufacture premium quality roller garage doors at outstanding prices.

As the world’s largest producer of roller shutter components Alutech components are amongst the highest quality, most rigorously tested and most trusted in the door industry. Approximately 30-50% of all roller garage doors sold in the UK are produced using Alutech components. Many of the large  national manufacturers have supply arrangements to receive our range of components from Alutech.

The JD (UK) accredited manufacturer network was developed to support specialist manufacturers who approach the production of roller garage doors from a different perspective. Our network of dealers have an outstanding reputation for friendly customer service, reliable products and high quality installation work.

In addition to the industry leading Alutech component range JD (UK) Ltd. dealers benefit from the unique advantages of the Deprat locking systems and roller door barrels. This stronger, more secure system was introduced to the UK market by JD (UK) Ltd. some years ago and has since become recognised as the very highest level of security available for a roller garage door and adopted by a number of major national manufacturers.

A combination of Alutech and Deprat components allow our dealers and manufacturers to offer the InsuRoll garage door range. A tailor-made solution offered by accredited specialists, the InsuRoll range is more than a match for any roller garage door sold today.

Learn more about InsuRoll doors in the sections below or contact us now for more information and we will introduce you to your local approved InsuRoll dealer.

55mm lath in Brown
Garage Door Safety

If you are a garage door specialist or roller garage door manufacturer, or are interested in becoming one, you will find more information in our become a dealer section.

When choosing a roller garage door customer are often concerned by horror stories of dangerous, unreliable doors fitted by companies with inferior products, poor workmanship or inadequate after sales care.

JD (UK) work closely with all our manufacturers to ensure all meet the highest standards and manufacture fully compliant, reliable products. Our accreditation scheme allows dealers and manufacturers to achieve a recognised standard which verifies their competency and the quality of their products.

Let me see how my garage door will look

Use our easy configurator to see a visual of how you garage door will look.

Advantages of InsuRoll Roller Garage Doors is based on their perfect design

Garage Door Security


A safety edge system is fitted to stop and reverse the door should it meet an obstruction when closing.

Conformity to standards

ALUTECH roller garage doors conform to the European standards of safety and wind load resistance EN 13241-1, EN 12424. This is confirmed by the TÜV-certificate of CE marking and by test reports.

Wind resistance

Classic roller garage doors withstand a wind load up to 450 Pa, corresponding to class 2 according to EN 12424, and they can be installed in openings up to 5.92m wide and 3.8m high.

Maximum space saving

Roller garage doors save space outside as well as inside the premises. They are the ideal solution for a garage with a short driveway. You can also efficiently utilise all available roof space, inside the garage.

Lightweight and durable

Aluminium roller garage doors are resistant to rain, to fluctuations in temperature and to corrosion. They are solid and secure, environmentally friendly and light.

Mounting types

Roller garage doors can be mounted outside or inside the premises, with a visible or concealed shutter box. Available in 77mm or 55mm lath to suit the amount of headroom available.

About Roller Garage Doors

Space Saving

Roller garage doors provide an efficient space saving solution for homeowners wishing to add the convenience of an automated garage door to their home. As roller doors operate entirely vertically, with no tracks travelling back inside the garage, they are often an ideal option if you have space restrictions inside the garage.

When compared to one piece up and over garage doors the major benefit of a roller garage door is the ability to park a vehicle right up to the garage yet still have room for the door to open and close unobstructed. This is as a result of no part of the door swinging outward as it smoothly rolls inside a compact shutter box.

For InsuRoll Classic 77mm insulated roller garage doors the curtain rolls inside a 300mm shutter box which can be positioned behind, underneath or in front of the lintel. When compared to the typical shutter box of a single skin steel roller door, around 400mm, the InsuRoll 77mm offers an excellent space saving advantage.

For even more restricted openings where the box can only be fitted underneath the lintel InsuRoll Compact 55mm is an excellent alternative. Rolling inside just a 205mm box these doors can be fitted in low openings with no space behind or in front of the lintel thus allowing sufficient drive through height for your vehicle.


Roller garage doors are the most flexible type of door in terms of installation position. Roller doors can be fitted to any garage regardless of the size of the garage or the size or shape of the opening. All InsuRoll roller garage door dealers and manufacturers offer the very highest standards of installation expertise and can tailor-make your door to perfectly fit your garage.

In garages with very high ceilings the absence of horizontal tracks running into the garage ensures space above the garage door opening is not sacrificed to accommodate garage door tracks. Roller doors allow more freedom for the use of overhead storage racking or the installation of ceiling mounted lighting or other equipment.

Where will my door fit?


Internal Face Fix

Where there is sufficient side and headroom, the guide rail and roller assembly would be installed directly to the inside of the garage opening. Recommended for most applications.


Reveal Fix

Installed in between the opening, good where there is limited side or headroom inside the garage. This will reduce the drive through height noticeably.


External Face Fix

Fitted to the external face of the garage, useful where there is not enough space to install on the inside face, but where maximum drive through space is required.


With a wide selection of pre finished colours and woodgrain finishes, as well as most doors being made to order, roller garage doors offer styles to suite all tastes. Further a fantastic range of colours and finishes for guides and shutter boxes are also available in the most popular colours ensuring the finished look of your door is perfectly matched to your design scheme.

InsuRoll is available in a choice of 16 standard colours, including 3 painted wood-effect colours, as well as an additional 4 colours finished in a laminate wood-effect. These finishes are designed to complement exactly the finish offered by uPVC double glazing frames. As an option it is possible to have both guides and hood colour matched to the door curtain also.

Why not experiment with your preferred design style with our design configurator here or contact us to discuss your requirements?

You can also browse our gallery of completed installations here to get inspiration for your own installation project.


The InsuRoll brand of roller garage doors is available through JD (UK)’s network of approved manufacturers and dealers. JD (UK)’s system of manufacturer accreditation was introduced in response to growing concern within the door industry regarding sub-standard roller doors manufactured by inexperienced or unscrupulous manufacturers.

InsuRoll roller garage doors are a hybrid of Alutech roller shutter systems and Deprat roller shutter components. ALUTECH roller garage doors conform to the European standards of safety and wind load resistance EN 13241-1, EN 12424. This is confirmed by the TÜV-certificate of CE marking and by test reports.

InsuRoll Classic roller garage doors withstand a wind load up to 450 Pa, corresponding to class 2 according to EN 12424, and they can be installed in openings up to 5.92m wide and 3.8m high.

This wind load protection both ensures the safety of you and your family if you are inside the garage during stormy weather and also prevents wind damage which can be costly and inconvenient.

The door industry is self-regulated through the Door and Hardware Federations code of conduct. JD (UK) worked closely with the DHF’s compliance team when developing their manufacturer’s guidelines, training and accreditation procedures. Many customers do not realise how easy it is for garage door companies to begin manufacturing roller garage doors without due consideration for acceptable standards of quality and safety compliance.

Many producers omit essential safety features from their finished product to reduce costs and we hear numerous horror stories of sub-standard products which may very easily endanger the health and safety of you and your family.

A roller garage door must be protected by adequate fail-safe devices in order to prevent the door falling and causing injury or death to users. Automation systems should feature adequate auto-stop or auto-reverse sensors which comply with EU regulations through the CE marking system.

Moreover poor quality roller doors may be manufactured using cheap, inferior products or missing essential moving parts which will lead to rapid failure of the door and costly repairs. Too often we hear of customers needing to replace their doors after only a year or two’s use. All InsuRoll manufacturers are accredited both on the quality of their workmanship and the safe, reliable finished product their produce.

The primary safety system in InsuRoll roller garage doors is the safety edge system integrated into the rubber bottom seal. If the door comes into contact with any obstruction the door is prevented from closing and ensures no injury can be sustained or damage inflicted to any vehicle or other item in the path of the door.

Additionally heavier doors will always be fitted with a spring brake as an additional fail-safe security measure. A spring brake is a simple mechanical device similar to those found in seat belts which resists sudden force, the barrel is prevented from moving should the door begin to fall and therefore even if all other safety systems fail the spring brake will prevent the door from falling.

InsuRoll manufacturers work closely with JD (UK) to stay fully compliant with all trading standards and InsuRoll products exceed minimum safety standards. JD (UK) are at the forefront of promoting trading standard compliance within the door industry and are active members of the DHF.

All InsuRoll roller garage door manufacturers can provide you with full documentation on their accreditation as manufacturers and the compliance of their finished product.

Roller Garage Door

Tailor Made

The enormous advantage InsuRoll manufacturers are able to offer is the flexibility to tailor make your door to suite your particular installation and design requirements. Unlike larger manufacturers our network of partners operate more streamlined and customer focused business models.

They are therefore able to provide a level of one to one service, direct with the manufacturer of your door, which is simply not possible with many large manufacturers. Typically a larger manufacturer sells doors through a distributor who then sells the product on to a garage door specialist from whom you purchase your door.

With InsuRoll manufacturers you cut out all the middle men. Our manufacturers therefore have much lower overheads and can pass this on in great savings for you! JD (UK) provide all the technical advice, compliance and legal guidance and production software and systems so that our manufacturers can operate cost effective, efficient business models.

As a user you therefore benefit from a finished product which is a match for any other major manufacturer whilst dealing directly with the company who produced your door. In the unlikely event of any fault or warranty claim on the product you are in direct contact with the manufacturer who can rectify the problem quickly from an available stock of replacement parts. There is no delays waiting for approval from a 3rd party distributor who are themselves reliant on a large manufacturer.

InsuRoll manufacturers control their own supply chain and can therefore respond to their customers’ needs far more effectively than garage door specialist who rely on big national manufacturers to service their customers.

There is no such thing as “standard” when it comes to an InsuRoll roller garage doors. The size, style, colour and operation of your door can be individually tailored to ensure you have the perfect finished product to meet your needs.

The ideal installation is normally mounting the entire roller door internally to give the maximum width and height when open but an aluminium roller door can fit in-between and even externally of your structural opening with an optional hood enclosure to protect the curtain whilst remaining visually appealing.

(When installed outside you should be aware you are viewing the concave side of the curtain and it does look different to the outside convex face.)

There are very few applications where a roller door will not fit and the only compromise is that the design of all the different types is always going to be horizontal lines. Small details do exist between different manufacturers slats and we can always clarify these differences as well as the major differences in the mechanics and security. We are happy to send samples out to you on request so you can see for yourself.

Like a lot of things in life bigger isn’t always better. InsuRoll manufacturers through their partnership with JD (UK) benefit from all the purchasing power and technical expertise of a major national manufacturer but enjoy all the advantages of smaller, leaner business processes.


The Deprat 89mm cylindrical roller garage door barrel and stainless steel reinforced auto-locking mechanism is one of the most secure systems in use today. InsuRoll roller garage doors offer this outstanding level of security.

When the door is in the closed position stainless steel reinforced straps lock solidly in place resisting any vertical force applied to the door ensuring it cannot be forced upwards. As these straps are significantly stronger and more durable than alternative auto-locking systems on the market an InsuRoll roller garage door is an extremely secure option.

InsuRoll manufacturers are able to adopt deeper 90mm guide tracks down each side of the roller door. As each slat of the door runs inside a deeper channel it is much more difficult for an intruder to apply any leverage force in an effort to prise the curtain out of the guide.

Alutech 77mm insulated garage door lath is manufacturer to the very highest standards and benefits from a rigid reinforced structure. The polyurethane foam insulation greatly assists in keeping the heat inside your garage but also offers the added benefit of reinforcing each slat against penetration by an intruder.

Manufactured from strong and durable twin walled aluminium lath, with a CFC free insulating foam. This provides a high level of insulation and increases security as the door is very difficult to break into.

The addition of locking bottom rail, formed from solid extruded aluminium, adds an even greater level of security to the door and is an option available for all InsuRoll garage doors.

Benefits of InsuRoll Roller Garage Doors

1. InsuRoll choice

Your door can be ordered with either a half or a full hood as shown, finishing the interior off perfectly.

2. Draft protection

Drafts are greatly reduced with our patented triple side guide sealing system. Aside from reducing drafts, it makes the door much quieter during operation

3. Effective seal

Our deep rubber bottom seal provides an effective seal against water ingress at the bottom of the door – but only as good as the garage floor!

4. Superior automatic locking system

Deprat ™ locking assemblies with integrated steel reinforcing, offer the best protection against the door being forced open.

5. Anti-scuff locking system

Traditional locking system, but with an added anti friction coating that reduces friction marks on the inside of the door curtain.

6. Extra strong bottom lath

Deep extruded aluminium, enhances security of the door, stops it from being forced out of the side guides.



7. Optimum lath thickness

77mm x 19mm, offers one of the most rigid and insulated lath available today.

8. Abrasion resistance

PUR/PA* is a two layer lacquer coating applied to profiles at a thickness of 25-30 microns which provides an effective resistance to scratches and marks on the curtain.

Options and Accessories

Vision slats

Vision slats allow natural light into your garage. Available with or without glazing. On textured woodgrain doors vision slats will be supplied in a brown finish (Classic model only).

Remote control keypad

The remote control key pad is the way to operate your door securely without the remote control.

With no need for wires, this simple keypad is weatherproof and durable - giving you convenient access with a secure code.

Battery backup

All our doors come with a manual override as standard so that you can operate the door without power, but in addition you can choose the option of a battery operated backup as well. This enables you to operate the door with the remote controls - even when the power is off.

Low level external override kit

All InsuRoll doors are provided with a manual hand winding mechanism in the event of a power failure. However if the garage door is the only means of access, then an external low level override or battery back up should be used.

Full box

Full hoods are an option on all InsuRoll garage doors to finish off the door perfectly. If a door is being externally face fitted then a full box should always be specified.

Important notes

By the nature of a roller doors operation, it is inevitable that the laths will roll against each other. InsuRoll safe guard against this eventuality by,

  • Lath being coated in PUR/PA* coating to reduce scuffs.
  • Offer Deprat™ anti scuff locking device.
  • Triple brush inserts in side guides to reduce rubbing on operation.

Whilst we don’t claim to eliminate all marks during operation we are confident that the steps taken will reduce them to less than our competitors.

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Here to Help!

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Our team are happy to help. Call us direct on 01924 472924 or complete the enquiry form and we will call you back.

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