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Alutech Sectional Garage Door Security

Engineered for Security

Sectional garage doors are by far the most secure option for you garage. 40mm thick insulated steel panels lock solidly in place when the door closes and the powerful Avanti T-Series 800nm motor resists force applied to the door making it impossible to open without activation by the user. The mechanical design of the operator boom resists any external force applied in an attempt to open the door.

The door is pulled open and pushed close by a boom arm attached to a moving carriage on the belt drive motor rail. This system features a security fail safe locking mechanism which locks the carriage solid in the rail should any external force be applied to the door.

Unlike thinner single skin steel doors and roller garage doors a sectional garage door is virtually impenetrable to a would-be attacker. Heavy duty power tools (and a lot of noise and commotion!) would certainly be required to penetrate the door in order to gain entry inside.

For additional security a manual locking handle can also be applied upgrading the door to a dual locking system, the resistive force of the power motor supported by a physical bolt lock mechanism able to withstand immense force.

As a by-product of the superior design of Alutech sectional garage doors insulation sealing system the doors are also more secure than many alternative models. The door panels sit tighter in the frame due to the adjustable roller brackets providing an incredibly strong seal whilst the door is closed. This eliminates the possibility that any prying force could be applied to the outside edge of the panel in an attempt to lever the door our of it’s tracks.

The fixing points attaching the panels to the roller brackets are screwed through steel folded into a 4 sheet reinforced section ensuring there are no weak spots in the door construction and ensuring the door is incredibly resistant to forces applied to the outside surface.

The Avanti T-Series operator is also compatible will all major home security systems and features a “holiday mode” function whereby the motor can be completely disabled during times which your home may be unoccupied, and can only be reactivated by the user with the securely coded handset.

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Our team are happy to help. Call us direct on 01924 472924 or complete the enquiry form and we will call you back.

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