Wicket or Pass Door

We recently shared with you the benefits of integrating a pass door into your garage as an accessible alternative to the main garage door. Namely based on security, accessibility, and energy saving (including a prolonged garage door life) advantages. But can the same be said for wicket doors?

Door Similarities

In many ways yes. Wicket doors are a great option for when the garage door is the only point of access into the garage. Similarly to a pass door, a wicket door provides entrance to a garage without needing to open up the entire door. The average lifetime of garage door springs is up to 15000 open/close cycles. This is the equivalent to 10 years of service, based on a 4 times daily open/close use. You can prolong this life by using the garage door less. By using a wicket door, you can access your garage quickly and efficiently. Without having to open the whole garage door. This will help increase the life of your garage door and its condition. 

For doors that use an operator, by using a wicket door instead of opening the garage door, energy bills can be conserved. Moreover, using a wicket door results in less heat loss of you garage. This is particularly important if your garage is connected to the main part of your home. Saving on both energy bills and ensuring comfort within the home and garage. 

A wicket door can also provide a number of safety and security benefits. If you’re in and out of the garage, you can do so privately. Removing the need to open up the entire garage door and display your garage contents/vehicle for the whole world to see. For automated garage doors, in case of power failure, a wicket door provides alternative access in and out of the garage. The additional door also allows children and vulnerable people safe access in and outside. Removing the need to open a heavy and potentially dangerous garage door.

Door Differences

All the points previously mentioned can also be applied to pass doors. The main difference between a wicket door is in its installation and design. A wicket door is integrated into the garage door sandwich panel. Unlike a pass door which is a separate door from the garage door entirely. With a wicket door you will not need to build into an existing wall space (which you may not have) to install the door. However, whereas a pass door can be fitted post-garage door installation, our sectional garage doors are manufactured with a built-in wicket to special order. The wicket can also only be built into doors with torsion springs (standard, low and high types of installation).

When the garage door is down the wicket door can be used as a normal access door. When you want to open the whole garage door, the closed door functions as part of the garage sandwich panels. You’ve probably heard the horror stories. Homeowners causing serious damage to their garage doors by trying to open them after accidentally leaving their main door ajar. With Alutech, our integrated contact sensors inside the door panels prevent the door motor operating while the wicket door is open. Only when the wicket door is closed can the whole garage door open normally. 

The Choice is Yours

But which do you prefer? In a recent poll across our social media platforms I asked followers to settle a simple debate: pass door or wicket door. The results were in favour of the former (by over 70%) but this shouldn’t affect your opinion on wicket doors. Luckily with the availability of both pass and wicket doors to compliment your Alutech sectional garage door, the choice is ultimately yours and yours alone. 

Settle a debate. Both pass doors and wicket doors allow for easy garage access without the need of opening the entire #garagedoor, but which do you prefer?

Posted by Alutech Garage Doors on Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Our wicket doors are constructed from the same thermally insulated 40mm thick aluminium sandwich panels as our sectional garage doors. With four handle colour options, and door panels available in any special colour, designing a tailor-made bespoke sectional garage door has never been simpler. 

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