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Alutech Sectional Garage Doors


Why Choose Alutech?


Warm and strong

Learn about the outstanding insulating properties of Alutech Sectional Garage Doors achieved thanks to rigid 40mm thick panels.

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10 year protection

Discover Alutech's comprehensive, no-quibble warranty protection and why Alutech doors are built to last longer.

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Keeping you safe

Sectional Garage Doors are the ultimate choice for securing your home. Find out how Alutech doors protect your home.

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Tailor made for you

Explore the range of colour and design options available for your Alutech Sectional Garage Door,

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Less Expensive

Don't pay more than you need to for a premium quality automated sectional garage door.

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Expert Installers

Accredited Dealers

Alutech Sectional Garage Door Accredited Dealers undergo industry leading training and certification to give you complete peace of mind.

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Safe and simple

Easy to use and engineered to the highest safety standards, see why Alutech is a name you can trust.

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Remote control

Alutech Sectional Garage Doors are meant to be enjoyed with the convienience of full remote control automation.

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Design your door and receive a quote

Use our unique garage door configurator tool to design the perfect door for your home. Recieve a tailored quote with exclusive online discount applied.

Single Sectional Garage Door

Why choose a sectional garage door?

Ideal for shorter driveways

Sectional garage doors are made of separate panel sections which are locked together by specialist hinged joints. This allows the door to operate vertically with no part of the door swinging outward, this allows the door to open even when a car is pulled right up to it – ideal for shorter driveways.

Versatile for every opening

As a sectional door is usually fitted behind the opening, and as the door travels within its own track system, without any outward swing, it is far more versatile. The door works equally well in arched openings or in the presence of overhanging timbers or architraves as it does in standard openings. There are minimal restrictions on height within the garage and on the clear opening created for your vehicle. Sectional garage doors are therefore ideal for low openings or large vehicles.

Insulated Garage Door

Unrivalled insulation

The 40mm thick door sections are insulated with polyurethane foam, no other garage door type offers such a thick and strong door. If you have an integrated garage a great deal of the heat within your home can be lost through the garage. Having a properly insulated door can provide a surprising amount of additional warmth and is particularly recommended if there are rooms above the garage.

Sectional Door Security

Strong and secure

A secondary benefit of the thick insulated panel sections is far greater strength. This allows sectional doors to be made larger and to maintain far greater wind resistance than single skin up and over or roller garage doors.

Create your own style

Sectional doors also offer a great range of style options and allow greater design customisation than a roller garage door. Georgian panel designs and a range of small, medium and large ribbed panels can be finished in either smooth or woodgrain textured panel skins. A great range of colours are also available as are wood effect finishes to match doors and windows.

Smooth and quiet

Finally because the panels are hinged individually and travel in a curved track the operation of a sectional garage door is far smoother and quieter than up and over or retractable doors. There is therefore less stress placed on fixings and balancing springs and this significantly increases the lifespan of the door. A sectional garage door is a great investment for the future and is the least likely of all garage door types to fail. This smooth easy opening and closing motion also makes the doors ideally suited to automation but will also mean the door is easily and comfortably operable as a manual door.

Sectional Door Panels - Strength and Warmth

Engineered to withstand extremes of heat, cold, wind and rain. Alutech sectional garage doors are built to withstand the worst the great British weather has to throw at them!

Sectional garage doors are the superior option for insulation, weather resistance and impact protection.

Insulation values are rated on the “U” value scale. Independent tests at the Rosenheim institute in Germany confirm the Alutech sectional garage door outperformed major rivals. Our doors score an industry leading U value of 1,35 W/(m2K) , so Alutech doors insulate better.

An Alutech sectional garage door will keep your home warmer and maximise your energy efficiency. Whenever warmth and energy efficiency are a priority a sectional garage door is the only sensible choice. As one of the best insulated sectional doors available in the UK Alutech doors are the best possible option.

Better Seals

This performance is achieved due to the unique sealing system developed by Alutech. All roller brackets are fully adjustable by the installer therefore ensuring the door makes complete contact with the door seals. This eliminates any drafts and minimises heat loss.

The side and top seals fully enclose the edge of the door frame preventing empty spaces which are known as “cold breaks”. This design is a standard feature with Alutech doors whereas some competitors charge extra to add the same sort of cold break protection.

The bottom seal is a multi-chamber heavy duty rubber moulding formed from aerospace quality rubber polymer. The multiple air pockets within the seal are unique to Alutech and allow the seal to be more robust and to compress with greater force therefore ensuring maximum insulation.

Alutech sectional garage door panels are formed with high density polyurethane insulation foam sandwiched between a dual zinc coated steel outer skin. This design provides incredible strength and rigidity allowing the fully installed door to achieve class 4 wind load resistance. The 40mm sandwich panel also provides equivalent thermal insulation to a 550mm brick wall.

Design your door!


Long lasting garage door – guaranteed!

A comprehensive 10 year warranty guarantees a garage door which will offer years of trouble free use. The dual zinc coated steel skins of the sectional door panel are filled with high density polyurethane foam. Whilst this designs primary purpose is to provide unrivalled insulation it also provides remarkable strength and durability.

The outer panel skin is finished in industrial grade PUR-PA polyurethane paint, the best quality painting process of any major manufacturer. This extraordinarily resilient surface will withstand minor bumps and scrapes better than the cheaper paints used by other manufacturers. Many sectional door suppliers will quote a 10 year panel finish warranty but the fine print is riddled with exclusions, even sometimes requiring doors to be protected from direct sunlight!

With Alutech your door panels are guaranteed for 10 years without any unreasonable exclusions. You can rest easy that you have the peace of mind offered by a truly “no-quibble” 10 year panel warranty.

Built to last

Alutech sectional garage doors are balanced by a unique spring system. Springs are coated in a protective lacquer and precision engineered from high grade tensile steel. Quality control and state of the art engineering systems allow Alutech to produce a higher quality spring than other sectional garage door manufacturers.

This is why Alutech are the only major manufacturer to confirm a 25,000 spring cycle guarantee in the terms of your product warranty. Based on 4 open and close cycles per day this guarantee equates to 17 years of ordinary use!

A potential weak point of any sectional garage door are the roller brackets which bear the weight of the door panels whilst the door is in operation. Ball race bearings within the roller wheels reduce friction and increase the lifespan of the brackets. This produces a smooth, quiet door cycle. Other sectional door manufacturers use a simple solid plastic wheel which is prone to rattling and bumping its way through the tracks putting additional strain on the fixings.

The roller wheel spindles are enclosed in specially designed castings and are fully contained. This unique design features ensures the wheel can never separate from the bracket, a common fault after years of use with some other manufacturer’s doors.

These wheels run in a dual track system formed of a single sheet of high strength steel. Unlike other manufacturers tracks formed of separate track sections braced together this design ensures the tracks themselves will last longer and therefore retain much greater strength.

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Designed for security

Sectional garage doors are by far the most secure option for you garage. 40mm thick insulated steel panels lock solidly in place when the door closes. The powerful Avanti T-Series 800nm motor resists force applied to the door which therefore makes it impossible to open. The mechanical design of the operator boom resists any external force applied in an attempt to open the door.

The door is pulled open and pushed close by a boom arm attached to a moving carriage on the belt drive motor rail. This system features a security fail safe locking mechanism which locks the carriage solid in the rail should any external force be applied to the door.

Unlike thinner other door types a sectional garage door is virtually impenetrable to a would-be attacker. Heavy duty power tools (and a lot of noise and commotion!) would certainly be required to penetrate the door in order to gain entry inside.

Secure Design

As a by-product of the superior design of Alutech sectional garage doors insulation sealing system the doors are also more secure than many alternative models. The door panels sit tighter in the frame due to the adjustable roller brackets providing an incredibly strong seal whilst the door is closed. This reduces the possibility that any prying force could be applied to the outside edge of the panel in an attempt to lever the door our of it’s tracks, so Alutech doors are highly secure.

The fixing points attaching the panels to the roller brackets are screwed through steel folded into a 4 sheet reinforced sections, therefore ensuring there are no weak spots in the door construction. The door is incredibly resistant to forces applied to the outside surface.

The Avanti T-Series operator is also compatible will all major home security systems. Avanti motors also feature a “holiday mode” function whereby the motor can be completely disabled during times which your home may be unoccupied, and can only be reactivated by the user with the securely coded handset.


Styles to suite all tastes

Available in a great range of classic and contemporary styles Alutech sectional garage doors compliment any home wonderfully. Doors can be finished in either a textured wood grain embossed surface or the more modern smooth finish.

With 5 panel designs to choose from available in a range of 23 popular colours you have the opportunity to tailor the finished look of your door to exactly match your style.

Use the door configurator tool to experiment with the finished look or browse our extensive gallery to find designs to inspire you.

If you are looking for a specialist colour to match existing doors, windows or facades then Alutech sectional doors can be supplied in a near limitless range by special request to your dealer.


Safety a certainty

The spring compensated balancing system of Alutech sectional garage doors holds the weight of the door and allows the user to easily lift and open the door. As an added layer of safety protection larger double doors are fitted with a spring brake system which acts as a fail-safe, catching the door and preventing it from falling.

When fitted with the recommended Avanti T-Series operator an automated Alutech sectional garage door has several layers of safety protection. The smart technology in the operator software senses the force level exerted by the door whilst it is in operation and if any obstruction is sensed the door automatically reverses. The operator also supports the weight of the door adding a further layer of protection, preventing the door dropping on users or vehicles below.

Safety First

For single doors the balancing springs are mounted vertically along the upright frame legs. To ensure no risk of finger trapping a set of spring covers are available as an optional extra – a feature completely unique to Alutech sectional garage doors.

Panel joints are formed with rounded edges which make it impossible for the closing panels to trap user’s fingers.

A professionally installed and well maintained Alutech sectional garage door is one the safest and easiest to use garage doors money can buy. Fully complying with rigorous European test certification standards the automated Alutech sectional garage door, complimented by Avanti garage door opener, is CE mark certified and guaranteed to offer safe, reliable operation.

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