How to clean a garage door

Cleaning your garage door might not seem like a top priority, but if you want to keep your house front neat and welcoming it is something that you should not neglect. When you clean your garage door, you are not only maintaining its sleek look, but you are also washing away dirt and grime which will help extend its lifespan, protecting your investment!

Cleaning a garage door can be quick and easy, although there is a little bit more to it than just hosing it off once in a while. Keep reading to find out how to do it efficiently.

Use a regular garden hose – NOT a pressure washer!

Pressure washers are very efficient on really hard surfaces, but you should avoid using one on your garage door as it could potentially damage its panels or weather stripping.

Use car-wash soap and a sponge or mitt

If you don’t have a car-wash soap, you can use a dishwasher soap or any kind of mild detergent – just mix it with water in a bucket. Never use bleach as it might damage your door’s surface.

Clean your weather stripping too

The weather stripping around your garage door keeps the air inside your garage comfortable and the elements outside the garage and away from your home. Make sure you clean it, check for any cracks of tears and lubricate it if needed.

Clean the interior side as well

The interior side of your garage door will not need to be cleaned as often as the exterior, but it should still be cleaned once in a while for maintenance.

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