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Opening Doors with JDUK

Roller Garage Doors

We’ve Got You Covered!

1 year ago
Offering the right support when you need it the most… With the daily uncertainty surrounding the current Coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to reassure you that we’ve got your back! The… Read

Alutech Series Highlight: Panoramic Doors

0 year ago
Panoramic garage doors provide the highest level of visibility with full glazing – which makes them an ideal solution for contemporary residential garages. Their glazed panels create a bespoke and… Read

Alutech Series Highlight: Trend Garage Doors

1 week ago
Drawing on years of experience in manufacturing, Alutech have created an attractive, reliable, built-to-last sectional door using the very latest technology and high-quality components. We are referring, of course, to… Read

Check out our Best Selling Doors

1 month ago
Alutech garage doors are manufactured to the highest standard and are not only safe, resistant and convenient, but they also come in many aesthetically pleasing designs so as to complement… Read

Interesting and Useful Facts about your Garage Door

1 month ago
Alutech Garage Doors have experienced incredible growth in recent years, with more and more garage door specialists offering these great-quality doors. They are manufactured to the very highest standards and… Read

Texture and Colour Options on Garage Doors

1 month ago
Alutech sectional garage doors come in a wide variety of textures and colours to match any house façade and suit any homeowner’s taste. All sectional doors are manufactured to order,… Read

JD UK Introduces New Sub Brand, JD Drives

1 month ago
The team at JD (UK) Ltd, sole UK distributor of Alutech garage door products, have just launched a new sub brand, JD Drive Systems. Under this brand, the supplier will… Read

Common Reasons for Garage Door Damage

2 months ago
When a garage door gets damaged, it becomes a huge safety risk to both people and property and its use should stop immediately. Moreover, attempting to repair a garage door… Read